How to Win in Touchdown Mode – Clash Royale

The new Clash Royale missions can deliver several Chests, among them Legends, in this article we will explain how to achieve it.
How to Win in Touchdown Mode

Touchdown mode has become a fixed mode in Clash Royale. Four players (two teams) compete to see who can get to the end of the opponent’s field first. Unlike the standard 2v2 mode, Touchdown has its own rules and a few little secrets. Here’s how to do well in this mode and win more easily.

clash royale touchdown mode

First of all it is important to know the rules of the game. Touchdown Mode is inspired by American Football. The mode is to make any Allied troop reach the end of the opponent’s field. It may even be a clone of a lava pup.

But if you attack, opponents can do the same. For the defense, the bid is to position troops and buildings. Troops attacking buildings will attack buildings (da) and ignore other troops. Positioning is vital.

Whoever scores three points wins first, or whoever scores the most before the time runs out. Each game lasts about 3 minutes. With extra time of one minute in rare cases.

There are some area limitations. Cemetery and Trunk can be thrown only on your side of the field. Other spells can be cast in any area of ​​the field.

Card Glitch Wins Games Before They Even Start


Goblins barrel was a powerful card to have in Clash Royal Touchdown Mode, you could win the match before it even started due to a animation bug. Yes it was fun!!

Best Cards for Clash Royale Touchdown Mode


Touchdown mode is a challenge style where players must choose cards wisely. Here are the Best Clash Royale Touchdown Cards and why.

Lava Hound – The best choice of Touchdown mode. This card that is only stopped by construction is ideal to be launched by surprise when the enemies have already launched their constructions in the field. Choose the side of the Arena where there are no buildings and leave the Lava Hound accompanied only by a support troop. Then leave for the attack on the other side and see the desperation of the opposing team.

Hall– The second best mode pick. The Corridor is another card that needs to be released at the right time. Nothing to reveal that you have one on hand. First, one must try to make opponents spend elixir, especially with constructions. Launch the Corridor with support troops and watch him advance to the touchdown line.

Battering ram – Just as the runner is a troop with a low cost of elixir and a lot of life. Ideal to spend “rotating” and end with the elixir of the opponent.

Giant – A card with essential role in this mode. That’s why each player takes a maximum of one build. The giant works more like a big distraction. Asking you to throw small troops on the other side of the field without the enemies noticing.

Balloon– The balloon as well as the Lava Hound is a card that causes serious concerns to the opponent who will spend precious cards to stop him. Use this as an advantage and work on your opponent’s mistake.

Witch – Although it does not seem like a good choice, the witch is a surprise element because of the skeletons it generates. Release it at the very beginning so that it manages as many skeletons as possible. Do not guard it as a defender because your attack on a Lava Hound is very weak.

X-Beast – This card is great for containing ground enemies and can help your push with a Balloon or Lava Hound.

Tornado– Well used, this is one of the best spells of the game in 2v2 mode. And in Touchdown mode the Tornado became even more important. He comes to be a decisive card in tighter matches.

Elite Barbarians – Unlike the Hall, these cards are more often used for defense than for attack. This is why it will be an obvious attack that enemies will try to block. However, it serves as a great distraction, enjoy to attack on the other side.


Tips for Winning in Touchdown Mode




Time is of the essence. When starting the match the clock will be running. In this mode it is no use to be conservative, it is necessary to leave for the attack as soon as possible. It’s no use being too defensive in this mode. Throw at least one building at a time to stop obvious attacks and then leave for the offense.

Work in lines (Center, left and right). Divide your attacks right, left, and center. Do not insist on just one side of the field. The ideal is to divide your attacks on three fronts. Small troops are great for advancing on one side while one giant attacks on the other.




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