Stranger Things: The Game – Easter Eggs

Stranger Things: The Game Hidden Easter Eggs

Stranger Things The Game is a point and click style game based on the hit Stranger Things Netflix show. The game was released on the October 4th and has been a massive hit. In the game you are exploring, solving mysteries and collecting Gnomes and Eggos.  Collecting these items will unlock more parts of the game. The game also offers a feature where you can speed run levels to try to beat other players times, scores are saved on the leaderboards and on social media. Stranger Things: The Game is  free to download on the iPhone and Android app stores.


In this post we will be showing you how to find the “IT movie” easter egg in this Game. Don’t forget to check out our Stranger Things: The Game Walkthrough.  Comment below and share your thoughts!

Stranger Things: The Game Hidden Easter Eggs


strangerthingsgame-2-easter eggs

Stranger Things The Game Bonus Hidden Quests

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