Stranger Things – The Game Gnome Locations

Stranger Things – Gnome Locations Complete Guide

Continuing our Stranger Things The Game – Walkthrough Guide, help and tips series we bring to you Stranger Things: The Game All Gnome Locations. You can use this to check for Gnome locations you can’t find, or if you just want to find them all real fast.

If you just came across this post and don’t know anything about this game, check out Stranger Things The Game Walkthrough Game Guide for more details about this great game. The game can be downloaded on iOS and Android, the download is free.


Stranger Things: The Game All Gnome Locations

Gnome #1 find behind the cabin.
Gnome #2 In Forest Dungeon (East of entrance through pipes)
Gnome #3 In Jungle between Lab and Quarry
Gnome #4 In Jungle South of School
Gnome #5 In School (Northwest)
Gnome #6 In Corn Field
Gnome #7 In Jungle West of Sewers
Gnome #8 In Lab (Go through pipes in room Northeast of entrance)
Gnome #9 In Sewers (In the first room)
Gnome #10 In Library (Eastern Room from entrance)
Gnome #11 In House South of Graveyard
Gnome #12 In Quarry (Southeast past bear)

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Stranger Things - the game

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