Game of Thrones Conquest Guide

Game of Thrones Conquest Tips and Tricks

You might think that Game of Thrones Conquest seems rather familiar, yes it is similar to Game of War. So, you may not need any help at all. But hold on for just a minute, this game isn’t that easy as it seems. There are many things, you will need to know about the game. This article Game of Thrones Conquest Guide will give you a headstart in this great game. Grab a coffee, get comfy and take a read through this Game of Thrones Conquest Guide, bookmark this page and comeback as we add more tips and tricks as we learn them.



Game of Thrones Conquest Guide:


1. Stick With The Main Questline

It is important to follow the main questline in this game. especially when you are first starting out, you’ll need to complete some tasks like training a few troops, building a mill, etc. As you progress through the starting areas, you’ll gain lots of supplies and resources. When you collect enough of these, you’ll be able to build a awesome foundation for your future empire.


2. Resources are Very Important

The number one rule to success with this game is collect as many resources as possible. Wherever and whenever if it’s saw mills or farms, collecting resources will get you through Game of Thrones Conquest. You will need plenty of wood and food to produce many different resources. Don’t forget to upgrade both these buildings whenever you get the a chance.

3. Play With a Balanced Army

Different kinds of units will be provided to you in each of the training grounds in this Game of Thrones Conquest. So, if you can’t just throw lots of infantry troops and win, sadly, it simply won’t  work. To be successful at each level, you’ll have to have a combination of ranged, cavalry, and infantry units. When play this way, the ranged units can focus on working from the background whilst other units soak up the damages caused. This is an a good strategy to get you through Game of Thrones Conquest.

4. Pay Attention to the Sidebar

A great feature you find in this game is the Sidebar. You’ll see numbers in front of the icons that indicate something to you. Explore the sidebar, the first tab shows you idle builders that you need to nudge to get more work done. Idle hands aren’t used right away, so you’ll need to keep them busy at all times! The second tab in shows you training grounds and troops. This is where you’ll train soldier for the entire game! Use the third tab to track your progress, you can see where your soldiers have been to slay the beasts, which is very handy.

5. Stick together

It is best to join Allegiance in this Game of Thrones Conquest. Don’t worry; the game has clans and guild you can join, you can get 200 gold bonus. Also working with others will help you progress through the game and earn rewards.

6. Everything Else

  • Don’t waste premium coins, keep them for the later levels, you’ll need them.
  • You can attack another player when your peace shield drops.
  • Log in each day to receive daily rewards.

You can download this Game of Thrones Conquest for free on Android or iPhone app stores.


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