Clash Royale Beginner Guide: 32 Tips and Tricks

Clash Royale Tips For Beginners

Stuck in an Arena? Did you just start playing and do not know how to improve? We are hooked on ‘Clash Royale’ and we want to help you enjoy it as a pro, so we’ve created a ‘Clash Royale’ guide to help you get better and start winning games.

A guide to create decks, tricks to win games and tips to use coins and gems with 33 tips and tricks to help you succeed in ‘Clash Royale’. Be patient, play smart and do not forget that the most important thing is to have fun playing, so be attentive to everything that we discussed in this tutorial.

hog riderCreating a deck

  • Your deck must be varied to counter various hazards (air, land, tank, armies).
  • Your cards must have balance, mix of low cards and high cards.
  • It includes a specific unit of attack against the towers (Giant, Prince ,Hog Rider)
  • Create a companion strategy to defend and support your attacking unit. For example the Arrows for the Army of skeletons that tries to demolish your Giant or the spirits of fire that will protect your hog rider.
  • Do not forget the spells. Although it is ideal to keep units that can continue to attack, a Fireball can win you a game in the last second and the Shock is ideal for slowing attackers.
  • Units such as Skeletons or Goblins may appear loose to attack, but are ideal for maintaining a good defense against tanks for half mana.
  • Adjust your deck to the way you play. You will not be able to use a very good defensive deck if your game is to attack. The important thing is to have fun.
  • If you think your deck is good, do not throw it at the first change. Keep playing and trying to improve instead of changing cards every two to three.

Tips to Win at Clash Royale

  • Learn the cost of the cards. It will serve you to try to understand how the opponent’s mana bar is and act accordingly.
  • Playing with audio activated can be a pain, but it helps to find out about the deployment of troops if you are very attentive to a battle on another line.
  • The key to winning is in the mana. Learn to counter expensive opponent cards with cockroaches and you will have more options to attack while the opponent has no mana to defend himself.
  • If you attack with slow units from behind you will give time to regenerate the mana and you can support the attack. It will also help you to see how they try to counter it.
  • Learn to distract the enemy, either with towers that slow their advance or with cheap units that allow you to concentrate the action on one side to create an attack on the other.
  • I look at that last one. It measures very well when you need to attack in the other lane because the shot can backfire. Save mana for a possible counterattack.
  • Do not come up when you’re winning. If you have the game secured try to maintain that position defending until you see the victory clear.
  • Your Giant can also be a good defense. Try to push a tower attacker with him invoking him from behind and the foe’s focus will change to the Giant’s life as the tower dispatches it.
  • Sacrificing towers is not always a bad idea. If the loss is inevitable do not bother trying to defend it and create an alternative strategy to turn the game around.
  • Your towers are not stupid and can dispatch some units with ease. Learn about it to avoid spending mana unnecessarily.
  • Do not send low level troops together. It may seem obvious but sometimes we can hurry and a shower of arrows can end all of them with a stroke.
  • Watch the clock. Try to accommodate your cards to the double-elixir phase at the last minute.


clash royale game play

Some tricks to keep in mind

  • Do not fret about losing streaks. Stop playing, see how you can improve your deck and try to understand how and why you lost.
  • Join an active clan. Not only will it help you to get letters you need, you can also get a clan chest that will give you a good handful of coins and cards.
  • If the coffers give you many cards is for the gifts, it is no use to accumulate cards that you will not use or improve if you can change them by experience to improve your towers. It is also the key to a good community, so do not be a rat and share happiness.
  • Pay attnetion to the store, in addition to allowing you to expand your collection with new letters will also give you the possibility to get the ones you need to improve a unit.
  • Do not go crazy improving cards even if you get experience with it, you may need the money for later in units that you actually use. Always leave some money in case that happens.
  • Also, if your intention is to reach the Legendary Arena, save a lot of money for when that happens. At that point you can buy legendary cards in the store.
  • Try to maximize the acquisition of coffers, either entering the application if only to open the free or triggering notifications to notify you of the time when a three-hour has been opened.
  • Use TV Royale as much as you can. It will help you to see how the real cracks of the game play and you will be able to learn strategies and synergies of units.
  • Keep track of achievements. They are an easy and simple way to earn gems.
  • Keep up-to-date with updates, a buff or nerf from your favorite card may be affecting your way of playing.
  • Do not forget the potential of the challenges when you reach level 8, they will become the most effective way to spend gems to get gold and new cards.
  • Join communities such as YouTube or Reddit , can be a formidable source of ideas.


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