Become a Tester for Among The Dead Ones on Android

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test among the dead ones


The long-awaited zombie and survival game Among The Dead Ones is undergoing testing on Google Play. The developer is inviting everyone to test a pre-alpha version of the game. To perform the test, simply sign up here to get a free download of this game.

After touching the “Participate in Test” option, the player is directed to Google Play where they can download the game. Among The Dead Ones is still at an early stage. But the pre-alpha test can give the developer tips on what aspects to consider when developing the game. For example, size of the scenarios, hardware more used by the players and etc.


preview of among the dead ones


At the link above, the developer email is also provided, and testers can send their feedback on the game and what improvements it needs.. It is too early to give any impression on this game, since it is exactly what the developer says, a pre-alpha (early stage version). The bid is to download and wait for future updates. Comment below to let us know what you think will make this game a success.


sign up for among the dead ones beta


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